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Simply structured and comprehensive service packages save you the task of assembling different modules of offerings or isolated services. Our service packages, tailored around your preference for a level of help and kind of assistance, are all-inclusive. You have requirements and we can offer solutions, individually designed for single persons, couples or those arriving with families.  

Our array of services, covered by our package offerings, address the following areas

  • orientation in and navigating your new environment
  • tours (e.g. neighborhoods, shopping, schools, etc.) 
  • house or apartment hunting (renting or buying) and hand-over of such
  • registration with utilities, service providers and local authorities
  • moving support
  • schools, childcare and children's activities
  • proactive help on questions and needs for three months after your arrival 
  • opening a bank account & finding insurance
  • local and comprehensive information covering relevant topics like transferring foreign driver's licenses, transportation, hairdressers, language schools, and much more
  • customized information for interests like hobbies, sports clubs and facilties, recreation, etc. 
  • accompanying on first food or furniture shopping trips, doctor visits, playgroups, etc.
  • departure service

 Personal and tailored to your needs.