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Claudia Hüssy, Managing Partner, has been working in the relocation business in Switzerland for over a decade and she helped build one of the larger relocation agencies in the market. She has demonstrated her excellent administrative support and multi-tasking skills as a Senior Relocation Consultant, being responsible for international clients, CEO and General Managers of large companies. Alongside her challenging job, she has six children in a patchwork family and there are few questions that she has not dealt with. She personally experienced living abroad in Germany, the UK and the USA. Claudia is fluent in German and English.

Bettina Riopelle, Managing Partner, originally worked as an investment banker. She has helped expats of large international firms relocate and settle in to their new homes very successfully since 2006 with her own relocation service. Having moved around many times as a child and as an adult, Bettina knows exactly what it feels like to be uprooted every few years and to start all over in a new environment. She has lived in Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, the UK and the US, before settling down with her family and dog in Zurich. Bettina speaks German and English fluently.

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