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"Thank you, Claudia and Bettina for your ongoing support. You’ve been fantastic partners to us and we really appreciate it.", I.P., Human Resources

"Thank you for your professional approach and great help. All the puzzles are getting slowly together. I like the job, the apartment, the town and all the people I had a chance to meet so far. There are good vibes around.", K.W., single

"We can't thank you enough for all of your expertise, guidance and help throughout our departure; we would not have been able to do it without your help. So a big thank you!!!", D.H., family of 5

"As my relocation to Zürich and start of work was extremely short notice (less than 4 weeks) it would have been completely impossible to get housing, insurances, registrations, etc and all other organisational mattes done without the help of Bettina and Claudia. I absolutely recommend them for anybody required to relocate to Zürich, especially from outside of Switzerland.", R.L, family of 3

"Thanks again for all your help so far, regarding all services I’ve used here in Switzerland yours has definitely been diamond class. You’re a pair of angels!" J.H, single

"Thank you for providing such an amazing service to our employees. Everyone I talk to is absolutely raving about the service they had received!", I.P., Human Resources

"Thanks for all the support during (and after) our 3+ years stay in Zurich. Beyond all the professional/administrative help that we got during moves, you also have helped us – especially my wife - a lot with the OnBoarding in the region. Very much appreciated. Thanks for all.", A.B., couple

"The assistance Claudia provided made our transition to  Switzlerland very smooth. Claudia found us a property that is working out perfectly. The partnership in helping us get all the necessary registation was wondeful. Whenever we had questions, Claudia always responded very promptly. We are very thankful to have had the assistance of Executive Relocation during this entire transition. Thank you so much!", J.W., family of 3

"Executive Relocation made our family move infinitly easier than I imagined. I simply can't image doing it without their help. There is so much to think about and they are always one step ahead and are extremely organized. They are sincere in their desire to help and are always availbe to help with any issue. I would highly, highly recommend any expat to use their services (both for arrival and departure).", M.P., family of 5

"Ich werde Sie auch ausserhalb unseres Unternehmens jederzeit gerne weiterempfehlen. Schade, dass ich Sie nicht bereits früher kannte.", E.D., Human Resources

"Executive Relocation removed from us all the stress of finding an apartment in a new city in record time (2 weeks). Everything has been done with the highest level of professionalism and cooperation: from organizing the viewings to the paperwork, the handover and following up after the moving. Kind, client-oriented and honest communication on one hand and an efficient organization on the other, allowed us to enjoy the whole process without any stress. We would definitely recommend this company.", A.D., couple

"Me and my wife would like to thank you in few words for the great assistance in our move to Switzerland. You did an amazing job! Due to your help our move was way easier and smooth! We were really surprized that all went so smooth and I could start working here without taking any days off. It was really great, finding a great flat, bank account and etc... We could not do it ourselfs without knowing the language and local rules. Thanks for your professionalism and dedication! We are really appreciate it! We will never think twice if we will need again such services in the future and will contact you. It is definitely worth the money! Good luck and all the best health and wishes!", V.A., family of 3

"Once again, thank you so much for all your help. We could have never even moved the needle without your help.", M.P., family of 5

"I am extremely satisfied with the support I received from you during my first months in Switzerland. My move to Switzerland went together with rolling into a completely new job. The first months at work were hectic and challenging. You took away all possible additional stress and worries of finding an apartment, doing the necessary registrations, and getting settled in a totally new environment.  I had the impression you always thought of everything before I even realised I would have to deal with it. Whatever additional question I had, your responsiveness was amazing.  I also very much appreciate the initiatives to get us in contact with other expats/customers of yours. Many thanks!" F.d.C., couple

"I want to take this opportunity to thank both of you for your help in my search of an apartment. The communication from your side was amazing and you both were professionally proactive in answering my questions. Thanks for giving me tips and advice as and when I needed. As it was a private move, unfortunately my budget was a bit tight, but I will definitely recommend you to my contacts and will use your services next time I move. It was a pleasure working with you both and thanks for helping me settling down in Zurich.", V.S., single

"Our transition was smooth and efficient thanks to Executive relocation. We were impressed by its effectiveness and how quick we were able to settle in our new flat with all the necessary facilities installed as of our first day. We greatly appreciated Executive relocation's support especially when difficulties were met to establish rental contract agreement.", E.T., family of 4

"A sincere thank you for all your help, it was a great support as was your flexibility. You indeed offer an excellent service!", S.B., single

"Nach über einjähriger Zusammenarbeit und 20 Jahren im International Assignee HR Business möchte ich Euch sagen, dass ich noch nie einen so tollen Service, wie Ihr ihn bietet, gesehen habe. Herzlichen Dank für die hervorragende Betreuung unserer Mitarbeiter.", N.V., Human Resources

"Executive Relocation helped us feel 'at home' outside our home. They knew exactly what it meant to try and set roots in a new place and ensured we had everything we needed so we can fall in love with our new 'home country' from day one.", A.R., couple

"The difference between working with you and a large company is the personal service.  This is not just a job for you and it shows.  You are helpful in every way and care for the people that you are helping. You understand the stress moves put on families and the incredible service you provide makes it easier for everybody.", L.L., family of 5

"Bettina managed our property in Switzerland following our relocation. As well as carefully managing our tenant, she also oversaw extensive repair works in our absence. Bettina is exceptionally thorough, professional and personable - in addition, her attention to detail in regard to contracts and invoices has been invaluable. I would recommend Bettina for relocation services and long-term management.", J.F., family of 4

"Professional, supportive, agile! I have to admit that the decision of choosing you as the relocation company was the best thing that happened to us.", M.G., family of 4

"We cannot imagine dealing with all the documents, forms, etc. without the help from your side. Great job and highly recommended. We chose the words specifically to decribe the process. Your company gave us the CONFIDENCE that we were in good hands making this global move. You gave us a good UNDERSTANDING of the process and what to expect throughout the process. You gave us COMFORT throughout the process and help us to make the move go smoothly.", B.M., couple

"The service of Executive Relocation enabled a trouble free installation with peace of mind.  Service is quick and precise.  Very good listening skills and ER is pro-active, often thinking ahead to ensure all services for installation are happening in due time.", C.V., couple

"Executive Relocation allowed us to have a very controlled and organized process for leaving Switzerland.  We really enjoyed the 4 years living in Zurich and working with Bettina and Claudia ensured that we took all the good memories with us rather than our final months being filled with confusion and uncertainty.  My only regret is having not used them when we moved to Zurich.  We highly recommend Executive Relocation to anyone relocating to Switzerland or leaving for new destinations.  Thank you so much for all your help.". B.L., family of 4

"Would happily recommend you to a friend or colleague who is relocating to/from Zurich. On both the entry and the exit, the service, proactive approach and problem solving made the transition as easy as possible.  That is a huge help when you have a family of our size (and complexity!)", D.H, family of 6

"Easy Arrival Package delivered with great success! You were great! Felt really confident with you around helping me set up my new life!" L.P., single

"You guys are fantastic and really took care of things well above and beyond. Thank you for your excellent support during our departure!" E.H., family of 4

"You are like our Swiss fairy godmother making sure we have a pumpkin to get to the ball!", D.S., family of 4

"Let me take the opportunity to thank you for your incredible help in getting my VP of Corporate Accounts and family settled into the Zurich area. I did stay in close contact with him during the move, and all he said was "Don't worry, we are in very good hands". I know, it's your job, but I wanted to say special thank you to you, as it makes a difference! We all know how much stress is created when moving internationally, especially with kids (and dogs!), and you are taking care of us in a special and very personal way. Thank you also for organizing yesterday's apéro, they really bring a lot of value as they build bridges between people and help us network in a very nice and informal way (not always easy if you don't have kids in school anymore).", A.B., Senior VP

"Thanks for a wonderful evening last night. I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet other expats. The way you and Claudia run your company is amazing. It is nothing short of a 5 star treatment!!!!", Y.L, couple

"Herzlichen Dank, Claudia - und einmal mehr ein Kompliment an deine Zuverlaessigkeit und Professionalität!", A.L., Verwaltung

"You have done an outstanding job dealing with our issues and I really don't know how it would have been possible to conclude the problems in conjunction with our departure without your patient mediation. Needless to say that should I, or anyone I know of, need some highly professional relocation experts in Zurich I will point them in your direction.", E.C., family of 4

"Executive Relocations totally exceeded our expectations and showed us what a smooth transition a relocation agency can really provide. The general service they provide was so much more comprehensive than we have received from other relocation agencies we have worked with. Bettina and Claudia have expressed their understanding of the reality that the needs of spouses and families are an important consideration in making a relocation work and they certainly demonstrated to us that they were willing to do put in the hard yards to achieve this. Everyone should really have a Bettina and a Claudia in their lives!", D.G., couple

"Your help and support is very useful. Your kindness makes newcomers, like us, feel welcome and peaceful during the relocation process. It's very important. Thank you for making it easier." V.K., family of 4

"Thank you again for all your help! You were my angels these last few months!" K.S., family of 5

"Thanks for your great work! We have recommended you to everyone who has asked about the exit process. "Just hire Bettina and Claudia" is our new mantra.", J.C., family of 5

"Excellent service, customer oriented and personalized. We felt that any problem was solved with the utmost care and quality. Probably the best relocation service we have experienced thoughout our career.", A.V., couple

"Thanks very much for your great help.  The service was very well planned and organized. The information provided was very thorough and helpful and we still reference it on a regular basis. Even though we speak German, we still found it very helpful to have the guidance and support during the first few weeks of moving to Switzerland and especially also for the help prior to the move.", M.D., family of 4

"Perfekter könnte Ihr Service nicht sein!!! Einen mehr umfassenden Relocation Service gibt es wohl auf der ganzen Welt nicht. Sie sind wirklich nicht zu schlagen und dürfen ruhig stolz auf Ihr „business“ sein. Ich hoffe deshalb, dass wir auch in Zukunft zusammen arbeiten können. Würde mich sehr freuen.", D.U., Human Resources

"Thanks to Bettina and Claudia I felt welcome in this new city! Their nice and professional way of helping me in visting the city, finding an apartment, managing all the bureaucratical tasks and giving me some very interesting tips on Zürich habits and life helped me in having a smooth and more-relaxed settlement ...I strongly recommend them!!", R.B., single

"Everything has worked very well with our “de-relocation” . Having this service saved me countless hours of having to deal with the situation and taking me away from my attention and working time."  A.J., family of 4

"A quick note to thank you so much for all your invaluable help and support! We could not have done it without you. People underestimate how hard it is being in a new job, country and language, etc., so kind and fun angels like you are a true gift! We will be personally in your debt!", P.L., couple

"Executive Relocation did a wonderful job, were extremely professional, quickly understood my needs and adjusted the daily itineraries accordingly. I give you all 5/5s!", T.V., couple

"More than happy to refer people to you after the great experience it has been for me!" Y.Y., single

"I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in the past few weeks. Your service has been so professional, thorough and friendly - you have filled me with confidence the whole time, especially the way your communication has been so clear and consistent. We have dealt with a lot of different consultants for the move, but you have been - by a very long way - the most helpful, competent and pleasant. I just wish you could come to Singapore to move us in!", J.F., family of 4

"Empathie beschreibt den Service von Claudia und Bettina am besten. Sie verstehen es, sich in ihren Klienten hineinzuversetzen und genau das zu liefern, was gewünscht wird. Das Ganze professionell und zuverlässig und immer gut gelaunt. So funktioniert Relocation und Erwartungen werden übertroffen." M.M., single

"If you haven't experienced Bettina & Claudia, you haven't experienced Zurich! Two thumbs up!" L.R., family of 5

"Thank you very much for your valuable help and assistance. It was a pleasure to work with you!" I.Z., family of 3

"Claudia, vielen herzlichen Dank für deine sehr rasche Antwort und wie immer deine wunderbare Zuverlässigkeit." B.S., Human Resources

"Bettina provided an incredible service. I was contacted whilst still in Singapore and could present an exhaustive list of questions which were answered on arrival. The visit after only a few days enabled us to feel more at home and less like aliens! She was available, caring and very professional in the service and for my family really made the difference and enabled us to settle in quickly. This is my third move with the company and was by far the smoothest for the whole family as a result of the assistance. Many thanks." C. G., family of 5

"You provided a great service to me and my family. You were very helpful with anything and everything. It was so wonderful to have the extra support. I strongly recommend this service to any expat." L. K., family of 5

"Best of luck Claudia – I have really enjoyed working with you! Thanks for all of your support." S.A., family of 3

"Thank you for all of your support during our relocation." T.J., family of 4

"This was our first international move and it came at a time when we were challenged by a significant personal event. Bettina's combination of genuine concern & exceptional effectiveness was critically important in helping us make the move. She just made it all happen! From helping us find a home to sorting out the paperwork and making IKEA easy. It's only as I hear of other experiences, I realize how lucky we were to have Bettina guide us! Exceptional service!" C. L., couple

"Just want to say thanks for everything and all help - all has worked out so far, very well indeed. Apartment is great - ideal for me. Your practical advice was fantastic and helped me transition into a new experience. Thanks for everything." P.R., single

"We never had the opportunity to THANK YOU personally for the great job you did for the family over the past month. You have supported us in a difficult time and found us a wonderful home." L.K., family of 5

"Im Namen meiner Familie möchte ich mich bei Claudia für die tolle Unterstützung herzlich bedanken. Ihre Hilfe, die temporäre Wohnung und dann das Haus zu finden, schweizerische Gewohnheiten zu erklären, usw. haben alle dazu beigetragen, den Start für mich und für uns in Zürich so einfach wie möglich zu machen. Noch einmal - vielen Dank." J.F., family of 4

"I feel there is little to be improved on - we received excellent assistance from the beginning through to the end. When we had a family emergency and I had to return to America for several weeks, Bettina was at our house helping my mother-in-law (who didn‘t know Zurich and had come to help with 5 children)." L.O., family of 7

"All of their efforts and the services they provided were extraordinarily helpful - beyond my expectations!" M. G., couple

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